Top 7 Recruitment Agencies in Canada For Foreigners

Top Recruitment Agencies in Canada For Foreigners

When looking for work in Canada, most international workers use specialized job boards or recruiting companies catering to international workers. Recruitment services are recommended over Canadian employment portals because of the wealth of knowledge they have about the domestic labor market.

Several recruiting firms in Canada accept non-Canadians’ applications, but we need to determine which one is the finest. The suitability, security, and dependability of a particular recruiting agency for us depend on several aspects.

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List of Top 7 Recruitment Agencies in Canada For Foreigners

The top recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners are listed below:

1. Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services

Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services recruiting agency in Canada

Canada’s top foreign recruiting agency is Global Hire. Their Canadian immigration consultancy is in Edmonton. Moreover, they offer several immigration services to foreigners. Naturalization services, support with Express Entry programs including Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, etc.

Global Hire’s immigration expertise also aids the recruiting and immigration procedure. Additionally, Global Hire advises Canadian companies, job seekers, and others on overseas labor.

2. Global Consulting Group Inc.

Global Consulting Group Inc in Canada

If you’re looking for work abroad, one of the most incredible places to start is through Global Consulting Group in Canada. They may assist you in obtaining employment in Canada with a company that recognizes your exceptional abilities and qualities.

Therefore, Global Consulting Group has assisted international candidates from various nations in finding employment across multiple industries. Healthcare, IT, engineering, finance, etc., are all examples of service industries.

3. Hays – Recruitment Agency Toronto

Hays Recruiting Agency in Canada

If you’re looking for temporary employment, contract work, or permanent work in Canada, Hays Recruiting Agency is one of the Best Recruiting agencies in Kenya for jobs in Canada. Since its founding in 2001, Hays – Recruitment Agency has grown to employ over 200 people across 8 locations.

Therefore, for several good reasons, Hays – Recruitment Agency deserves serious consideration. For the sake of argument, assume that you work in an industry like information technology, building, accounting, finance, facilities management, office work, mining, and so on. If so, you may receive some help locating a suitable job opportunity in Canada from Hays – job Agency Toronto.

4. Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants

Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants Canada

This Canadian recruiting agency helps international job seekers find jobs in the hospitality and cannabis industries. Renard International provides job seekers with coaching, training, guidance, and feedback at the proper times to assist them through the hiring process. They also try to find out the candidate’s pay expectations so they may negotiate the employer’s offer.

5. AngusOne Staffing

AngusOne Staffing Canada Job Recruiting Agency

AngusOne Staffing is the Best Recruiting Agency in Kenya for jobs in Canada focusing on finding and placing top talent in various sectors. Sarah Angus created this British Columbia (BC) employment agency in 1986 to serve the city of Vancouver, the province of British Columbia, and Western Canada in their professional recruiting needs.

Both domestic and international clients receive help in obtaining positions that will further their careers, and the company benefits from the resulting increased productivity and morale.

6. Work Global Canada Inc.

Work Global Canada Inc. top recruitment agency in Canada for foreigners

The top recruitment agency in Canada for foreigners is Work Global, founded in 2012. Work Global can help you find talented overseas workers to fill Canadian job openings. Many career possibilities are available to Canadian international students, temporary or permanent residents, and Work Global recruiters.

Human Resource consultancy, labor market solutions, immigration & naturalization service, immigration consultations, study permit processing, work permit processing, business immigration, and more are also offered by Work Global to Canadian companies and overseas job seekers. If you want to work in Canada, Work Global has job postings from Canadian firms.

7. Canadian Staffing Consultants

Canadian Staffing Consultants agency on Canada

Another of Canada’s top international recruiting firms is Canadian Staffing Consultants. They operate out of a Toronto, Canada office. Financial consulting, financial planning, flexible staffing, payroll services, recruiting services, and recruitment solutions are just some of the services they provide.

Canadian Staffing Consultants can assist you in finding work in both large and small businesses in Canada if you are a highly qualified foreign national. In addition, Canadian Staffing Consultants aid Canadian companies in their search for international workers who meet strict requirements for education, experience, and skills.

Requirements for Canadian Job Applications

Make sure you qualify to work in Canada before applying for jobs there. Verify the absolute must-haves:

  • Minimum age of 18 (some employers accept applicants younger than this)
  • A high school diploma is necessary. However, many jobs don’t even require that nowadays.
  • Although many employers want candidates with at least some relevant work experience, they are optional.


How can I get work in Canada if I am currently living abroad?

A job offer letter from a Canadian business is required for foreign nationals to work in Canada. With the assistance of a global staffing firm, you may do this.

Your Canadian company must submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application to sponsor your application. You will need a copy of your approved LMIA to apply for a work visa.

Where can I get information on Canadian employment agencies?

Canada’s employment agencies can be reached through a variety of channels. You may look them up on the yellow pages or the web. The local employment office can also provide a list of possible employers to contact.

Last but not least, you might inquire amongst friends and relatives about reputable firms currently hiring.


Therefore, it is concluded that if you want a better life for yourself and your family, finding a job in Canada in your industry is a fantastic option. Canada encourages overseas job seekers to work and realize their ambitions. If you’ve opted to use one of Canada’s foreign recruiting companies, they’ll help you through the procedure and are more experienced.

However, be sure your recruiter is trustworthy. Research the agency’s website, services, pricing, etc. You can confidently hire once you feel comfortable.

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