Government Jobs in Canada for Students With 2024 with A Salary Of $34/Hour

FSWEP Government Jobs in Canada for Students:

The FSWEP has created a way for students to engage in meaningful work within the Canadian government sector. You might be wondering about the application deadlines for these Canadian job opportunities. Well, here’s the inside scoop: FSWEP job recruitment is an ongoing process. In the 2020-2021 term alone, a staggering 7600 students secured employment through FSWEP positions.

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Government Jobs in Canada for Students; Salary Range, Date Posted, Deadline, How to Apply

Application Opening DateAugust 8, 2023
Application DeadlineOngoing
Types of PositionsFull-time and Part-time
Salary Range for StudentsCollege/Pre-College/Undergrad: $16/hour
Master’s: $22 – $28/hour
Ph.D.: $26 – $34/hour
Eligibility RequirementsEnrolled in full-time post-secondary or secondary education
Meets minimum age requirements
Commits to return to educational institution post-tenure
Available DepartmentsOver 200 Canadian Government Departments
Application PlatformGC Central Jobs Board

Salary: How much a student can earn doing FSWEP Jobs in Canada?

Now, let’s talk about payments. The salary structure for FSWEP positions varies based on your academic level. If you’re enrolled in a college, pre-college, or undergraduate university program, your minimum hourly wage stands at $16. For master’s degree students, the range starts at $22 and goes up to $28 per hour. If you’re pursuing a Ph.D., your earnings could span from $26 to $34 per hour, as per the Canada Treasury Department.

Eligibility: How to check eligibility for Canadian Student Jobs?

Eligibility is key, and there are three essential criteria to fulfill. Firstly, you need to be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary or secondary education program at an accredited institution. Secondly, you must meet the minimum age requirements stipulated by the Canadian provinces for employment. Lastly, a commitment to return to your educational institution after completing your FSWEP job tenure is a must.

200+ FSWEP Jobs Available in Canadian departments for students

Various Job opportunities as FSWEP positions are available in more than 200 Canadian government departments. Whether it’s administration, law enforcement, IT, agriculture, healthcare, communication, aviation, policy, forestry, or various other sectors, there’s a role for you. Students from all disciplines are strongly encouraged to seize this chance and apply for government of Canada FSWEP positions.

Submit Your Application – Apply for FSWEP Jobs

Ready to start your FSWEP journey? Let’s see how we can submit your job application. Throughout the 2023-2024 period, you have the privilege to submit your FSWEP job applications across a plethora of departments and agencies. All you need to do is create a free account on the GC Central Jobs Board, which is administered by the Canadian government. Once registered, you can add your candidature details to the FSWEP jobs inventory. Rest assured, your profile will automatically be considered whenever a suitable job opening arises within any Canadian government department.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to gain valuable work experience within the Canadian government. Unlock your potential through FSWEP and pave the way for a promising future!

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