Top 6 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates from Google

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates:

The courses in the Google Digital Garage will teach you the ins and outs of digital marketing, from SEO and SEM to PPC and SM to GA and beyond. Advertisers and internet marketers are constantly facing new challenges and possibilities in the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing.

Digital marketing courses are designed to teach students and professionals how to use Google’s advertising platform effectively through digital marketing channels, tactics, and associated practices.

Students interested in learning more about digital marketing and wanting to participate in the Google Online Marketing Challenges are encouraged to complete Google’s digital marketing course.

Although one might spend a lot of money on Google Digital Marketing Courses, one must understand the fundamentals to take the certification test.

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List of Top 6 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates from Google

Here is a complete list of all courses that you can do on Google and you will also get a valid certificate.

  1. Google My Business Course

    The Google Online Marketing Challenge does not require participants to create a Google My Business page, but doing so and sharing that page’s analytics with a business partner can be immensely helpful in expanding the client’s online visibility.

    This course is optional and focuses on Google My Business, Google’s tool for local businesses to build or claim their free online business listing. You can learn all you need to know about using Google My Business to its full potential by enrolling in a Google My Business online course.

  2. Google Digital Unlocked Course

    The Google Digital Unlocked module gives students an in-depth introduction to digital marketing, introducing them to the fundamental ideas and terminology that will be developed in later lessons.

    For clarity, Digital Marketing is just the umbrella term for all forms of marketing conducted via digital means. Primarily, they are e-mails, social media, and search engines.

    It’s a good idea to take advantage of Google’s free online digital marketing courses if they come with certification. Master digital marketing foundations and you will rule your field. You may maximize your time spent studying Digital Marketing with the help of Google’s Digital Unlocked.

    To advance your online company or digital marketing profession, this hub provides free Digital Marketing courses on various topics, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more.

  3. Google Ads Fundamental Course

    With digital advertising, you can target your messages specifically to your ideal customers while ignoring the others.

    When advertising online using AdWords, you can use several targeting methods to reach potential customers precisely when searching for your products or services.

    The AdWords Fundamentals course from Google helps students develop a foundational understanding of AdWords and study for the corresponding certification test

  4. Google Ads Search Advertising Course

    Ads on the Google Search Network help businesses reach the right people at the right time by using extensive keyword databases.

    Students may learn the fundamentals of search advertising and fine-tune their knowledge in preparation for the Search Advertising test by taking the Google Ads Search Certification course.

  5. Google Ads Display Advertising Course

    Isn’t it interesting to learn how Google’s online marketing course can help you succeed? Learn more about the advertising class.

    It’s a great way to get in touch with people when they’re using their favorite sites, watching a related video on YouTube, digging through their inbox on Google, or using a mobile app or website.

    To help students prepare for the Display Advertising test, Google offers a course on the many types of display advertisements, how they function, and best practices for managing campaigns.

  6. Google Mobile Advertising Course

    This course introduces cell phones and mobile advertising. The Mobile Advertising test is also prepared for. You’ll learn mobile Ad campaign best practices, mobile bidding, targeting, mobile advertising, estimate, etc.

    This condensed version of the Mobile Advertising Study Guide is an excellent reminder before the exam or while managing your Mobile AdWords campaigns.

    It is crucial to know how to run mobile ads that grab customers’ attention as they become increasingly busier. Google’s guidebook teaches you how to create great promotions that get noticed.

Benefits of Getting a Certificate

Improve Your CV

Enhance your resume by demonstrating to potential employers that you have mastered the fundamentals of digital marketing by earning a certification in the field. The certificate is transferable to your resume and may be shown on your LinkedIn page.

Get a Job

Earning a certification demonstrates not only that you possess true digital abilities but also that you are willing to develop, which are both highly valued in today’s competitive job market. By displaying these traits, you will increase your employability.

Grow Your Career

Developing your digital skills can open doors to new employment opportunities, promotions, or a different line of work altogether.


Therefore, it is concluded that many courses are available on Google, and all of them will be awarded with valid certificates. These are all of the different categories related to Digital Marketing that provide excellent skills and make you an expert in this area.

We have mentioned some exciting courses to help you grow your career and get a job. Adding certificates to your resume will give you a better interface for your employment. Please review our article and choose the Digital Marketing course according to your interest.


Does Google offer free digital marketing courses?

A wealth of free resources is available to assist you in advancing your profession or expanding your business. These free courses will build your career and help you get a job of your preference.

How long are free online digital marketing courses with certificates from Google?

There is no fixed time duration for these courses, and it varies depending on the type of course. It can be from a few

hours to multiple weeks.

Is Google Course Certificate valid?

Yes, the certificates you will get from Google are valid, all recognized by professionals. You can add them to your resume, showing your skills in this area. It will help you in getting a job in the digital marketing industry.

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