Why are International Graduates Not Getting Jobs in the UK?

Why International Graduates Struggle to Find Jobs in the UK

We realized that many of you are searching on Google. If you’ve landed here by typing “Why are International Graduates Not Getting Jobs in the UK?” then you are at the right place now. In this article, we’ll provide the top challenges faced by international graduates in securing jobs in the UK. Finding graduate-level work in the UK as an international graduate is quite tricky.

Finding graduate-level work in the UK as an international graduate is quite tricky. Only 7% of overseas students graduate successfully. The situation is only getting worse for the 685,000 overseas graduates currently enrolled at UK universities, a rise of 230,000 in just one year.

If institutions and teachers make significant adjustments, 630,000 international students can return home when their student or graduate visas expire. There are six main reasons overseas graduates need to secure employment in the UK, and as the top graduate coaching firm in the UK, we know all about them.

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6 Reasons for international students on getting failed to Get a Job in the UK.

1. CVs are Missing The Mark

Most UK graduates need help writing a CV that would help them land a job in the UK. Therefore, it stands to reason that overseas students will have an even harder time. It takes too much time. Badly laid out and disorganized. Contradicts the standards of modern application tracking systems. There are several opportunities for error on a resume. But it’s the first and most crucial step in landing a job.

2. Competitive Job Market

Overseas graduates are usually disadvantaged in the UK job market since they are unfamiliar with it. Over time, UK students have informal networks. Most UK international students need access to these tools, forcing them to fend for themselves during the application and interview process. Even well-prepared people struggle with that.

2.3 million new college graduates vying for the same amount of jobs doesn’t help. Graduate Coach, the UK’s best international graduate coaching service, helps new grads find jobs.

3. Universities are not Teaching How To Get Jobs

Universities don’t assist you in finding a career. Some jobs demand particular degrees, yet institutions don’t care. Universities were never meant to be career services, yet they are now considered essential to employment.

Because of degree inflation, most institutions push their students into further education, and by the time they’re “job ready,” they’ve never been taught how to negotiate the labor market.

University career services placed 2% of overseas graduates. The existing system fails. Most grads only know how to explore, apply, and interview for jobs if institutions give more career assistance or the system changes. International students make up about 70% of major UK institutions, affecting their employment prospects.

4. No Work Experience

Most organizations don’t hire freshers to save training time. They require experienced workers that can do the job well. Many students need more job experience. They struggle to find work. Because skilled employees are necessary for the UK, you should learn a trade even without job experience. Thus, even without work experience, you may find a job in the UK based on talent.

5. Fears of Low Stability

Employers always wonder if overseas students’ stability. They worry they’ll quit 6–12 months after hiring. Training the second staff will be time-consuming. They require a reliable, long-term worker. They favor local students over international ones.

6. Fewer Opportunities

As was previously said, overseas college graduates with no unique abilities have more difficulty finding work. In the United Kingdom, there is a significant gap between the demand for and supply of skilled laborers. Also, there once were more employment openings for overseas students in the UK.

I believe that your question Why are International Graduates Not Getting Jobs in the UK is answered with the top reasons causes in your job failure and I hope this will help you to resolve these issues so you can try again after fixing the.

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How Can Students Get Help To Get Jobs in the UK?

Assistance is required for international graduates looking for work in the UK. Understandably, many recent grads from abroad don’t know how to find it; after all, who would have told them? International graduates and ambitious students in the UK can benefit significantly from the guidance of a career coach.

They can get beyond every difficulty outlined in the piece by teaming up with one. It’s crucial to locate the correct coach. Regarding hiring overseas graduates, Graduate Coach is the most successful company in the UK.


Therefore, it is concluded that the United Kingdom is a great place to get work after graduation. However, students must take steps to ensure they land a high-paying job after graduation. Avoid letting the factors above hinder your professional development and take the steps needed to address them.

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